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The Natural Flow of things

>>breaking the babylon<<

12/31/19 11:59 pm - Happy 2020!


1/16/17 06:54 pm

1/12/17 12:39 pm

1/11/17 12:53 pm - The world owes us as much as we owe falling stars

1/10/17 02:48 pm - Game on

12/31/16 11:59 pm - So Long, Fire Monkey, it's 3 to the LINE!

It's been another year.
New experience, old emotional hooks, more tranquility, less self-agitation, a little bit meditation, little bit action.
Some sad moments, some fun. Some new memories. New people. Brand new people. Old fellaz. 360 alien backdrop. A lot of wasted time. A bit less wasted energy.
Let's hope, friends, that next full circle on this endless spiral ride to the unknown destination with that warm huge plazma ball nearby will go on, for at least some more time.
And I would propose a prayer, to the gods and spirits, or to the clear mind with no neccecity for any religion, a prayer for all being to become one with the universal vibe, and for every being to be released of it's sufferings (if any). May harmony and chaos be in balance. May everyone find it's flow and fun on this ride.
Happy New Year!

12/29/16 01:18 pm

12/1/16 02:13 pm

11/14/16 11:39 am - Click the pic, would ya?

Guess none of the target audience is here anymore.

11/8/16 03:11 pm

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